Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

Minimally invasive surgery is an alternative for repairing and preventing numerous medical conditions with procedures that allow for same-day surgery and/or shorter hospital stays. Procedures that fall under the minimally invasive umbrella can result in much less pain and a quicker recovery period than traditional surgery.

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During a minimally invasive procedure, a surgeon makes 3-4 small incisions that often measure less than an inch. A small camera (laparoscope) is then placed through one of the incisions. The images from the camera are projected onto monitors in the operating room so surgeons can get a clear and magnified view of the surgical area. Additional incisions are used for specialized surgical tools that help perform the procedure.

Oregon Advanced Surgery providers are all board certified, fellowship trained Minimally Invasive Surgeons in General, Gastrointestinal, and Bariatric procedures. Our providers are pioneers in the field of minimally invasive surgery and are dedicated to their mission of forward-thinking surgical approaches. They are motivated by the outcomes of their patients and a great passion for healing.

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Oregon Advanced Surgery
MIS General Surgery Practices

  • Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy)
  • Hernia Repairs
  • Benign/Malignant soft tissue tumors (lipoma, sarcomas)
  • Solid Organ (Splenectomy, Adrenalectomy)
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placements & Peritoneal Shunts

Bariatric: Visit Oregon Weight Loss Surgery for details on balloon weight loss, gastric sleeves, and gastric bypass services.

Endoscopy: Upper Endoscopy and Screening Colonoscopy

Oregon Advanced Surgery
MIS Gastrointestinal Surgery Procedures

  • Esophageal: Anti-reflux, Hiatal Hernia Repairs, Achalasia, Cancer
  • Stomach: Pyloroplasty, Gastrectomy, Gastrojejunostomy, Gastroparesis, Cancer
  • Small bowel: Carcinoid, diverticulum, cancer, adhesions, bypass, stoma formation.
  • Colon/Rectal: Diverticular disease, constipation, volvulus, stoma formation, cancer, stricture